This is my photographic recap of WordCamp Europe #6, which took place in Belgrade, Serbia last week.

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In an effort to do more with my photography I had the idea of creating a photo book with my favorite images I took at WordCamp Europe over the last couple of years.

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The fifth WordCamp Europe took place in Paris last week. I am repeating myself each year, when I say how great it was!

I had the role of photography team lead this year, which meant that I somehow ended up shooting fewer images than in the years before. Nevertheless – here are my favorite photos (that I took) from WordCamp Europe 2017.

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Once again an amazing WordCamp Europe lies behind us. This time the WordPress community met in Vienna, Austria.

As in the previous three years, here are a few of my favorite images.

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WordCamp Europe 2015 – Contributor Day

For the sake of completeness I’ll add three images I took at the Contributor Day of WordCamp Europe 2015.

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Images from the second day of WordCamp Europe 2015.

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WordCamp Europe 2015 took place in Seville, Spain last weekend. Like last year’s event, the organization was flawless.

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WordCamp Europe happened last weekend.

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WordCamp Europe 2013

In the other half of my life, where I am a web designer, WordPress plays a major role in my daily work. About 90 % of the websites I build, run on WordPress. It was therefor only logical to visit the first ever WordCamp Europe.

Mike Schroder and Andrew Nacin explain how to contribute to WordPress during contributer’s day at WordCamp Europe 2013.

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Hello WordCamp Europe!

As others (Rhys, Nuno, Jeremy, Daniel) did before, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Florian and I am a freelance web designer/developer from Karlsruhe, Germany.

I founded a small web desgin agency called GuerillaGraphix in 2008. Our main focus is creating websites for small and medium sized businesses. 90 % of the websites we build, use WordPress as their backend. We make custom themes and plugins to give our customers the individual features they require.

This will be my first WordCamp and I am looking very forward to meeting like-minded people and talking all things WordPress.

My main interests:

  • Theming – altough I consinder myself pretty knowledgeable in this area, there’s always lots of new stuff to learn. Also, I am working on my first theme to be released via and I would like to find out more about other peoples experiences with that.
  • WordPress MultiSite – An upcoming project requires a whole network of websites, so I like to learn more about WordPress MultiSite.
  • Plugin Development – You can never know enough about this topic. Best practices, experiences, everything is interesting to me in this area.

If you like to meet up and talk, send me a tweet or an email.

Oh, and I will bring my camera.