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WordCamp Europe 2022

Sadly I won’t be attending WordCamp Europe in Porto this year. It just didn’t work out shedule-wise. It is especially sad, because I attended all installments of WordCamp Europe so far – first as attendee, then volunteer, then organizer.

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Setting up My New MacBook Pro

A list of all the apps I installed while setting up my new MacBook Pro.

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Zeritus bites the fingers of his opponent

Today, for the last time – here in Essen – I took some photos at wXw's Wrestling Academy Live event. I feel very ambivalent about them leaving. The new location is not that much farther away, but I just love the ruggedness of the "old" academy. I think the place itself was as much of a draw for me as the wrestlers/wrestling. So this might just be the natural end of my photo project. I am not sure yet. (In Wrestling you never say never.) What ever I decide to do, I believe I have enough material to create something from this work.

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About Florian

FlorianHi, I am Florian Ziegler and I am a photographer. I mostly do black and white documentary work. My subjects vary greatly, from wrestling to non-profits, events and births.
I am also a web designer & developer, creating websites for our clients at Haptiq. I live in Essen, Germany.

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