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V 19

I found some time to work in this here website again. It has been been neglected for quite a while.

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Front Conference 2021

I documented the latest Front Conference in Zürich earlier this week. I shared my favorite images on my photo blog. Find the links inside this post.

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Bride and groom are dancing while guests are taking pictures with their smart phones

We attended a wedding yesterday. It is still a strange feeling, sharing a room with that many people. Everybody had to show a valid certificate before entering, so I guess that was as safe as an event like this can be. Anyways, it was the first wedding for our girls and they had a blast, dancing in their little dresses. ❤️

About Florian

FlorianHi, I am Florian Ziegler and I am a photographer. I mostly do black and white documentary work. My subjects vary greatly, from wrestling to non-profits, events and births. I am also a web designer & developer, creating websites for our clients at Haptiq. I live in Essen, Germany.

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