Today, I have been photo blogging daily for 212 days (7 months), so I thought it is time for a little recap.

Bad news first: I missed a few days.

One day in February – can’t say why exactly, I just forgot/wasn’t in the mood to take a picture that day (or a couple of days before) and I didn’t feel like taking a random image from the archive.

When I set the rules last year, I decided, that scheduling posts in advance, was OK. But the reason behind starting all this, was to get out and shoot more. So I let that day slip, and did not post an image.

I missed some more days in early March, when my daughter was born. Trust me, I shot a lot of images that day and the following days and still do. (She will be my most photographed subject in no time. She probably is already…) But I just didn’t feel like sharing those very intimate moments, so no new posts for a total of six days.

That still makes 205 photos in 212 days.

I am pretty happy with that. Daily photo blogging has made me go out more and I am back to taking my camera everywhere, which – in turn – enabled me to take more pictures, which was the initial goal of this exercise. 😊 (Getting a new X100F earlier this year was/is also a great motivator, but that’s for another post.)

Check out A Photo A Day. It all started with this post back in August of 2016. (Tip: You can use your left/right arrow keys to navigate from day to day.)

In September Claudio and I became founders of our own, proper design & web development agency. It is called Haptiq and it is awesome!

We have been working together on numerous projects for a couple of years now, so it was an obvious next step to take our cooperation to the next level.

We are still in the process of building our website, but we have some basic information up already and there is a first blog post. More to follow soon.

While I have your attention: We always appreciate new followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So use those links and click them follow buttons!

Last weekend I visited WordCamp Frankfurt. It was actually my first WordCamp in Germany. (I still think it is funny, that it took me that long to attend one here.)

I met many awesome new people – and got to hang out with ones I have know for years, now. In my opinion this is what makes WordCamps so special: It is almost like going to a big family reunion, where you hang out and catch up.

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A Photo A Day

Today I started a new photo blog.

In the past I used to take my camera everywhere, but in the last couple of months I stopped. Shooting daily can be hard and recently I left the camera at home more often than not.

It was my birthday this week and in the days leading up to it, I thought that this would be the perfect time to start taking pictures again and posting them regularly.1

But the day came and went and I almost discarded the idea, until yesterday, when I read Luca’s blog post, in which he writes about his experiences with sharing photos online. (Go read it.) This inspired me to finally get started again myself.

So yesterday night I sat down, whipped up a fresh WordPress installation and hacked together a very minimal theme to go with it.

The premise (similar to Luca’s) is:

  • One photo per day2
  • Black & white only
  • One full year, no matter what3

Without further ado, I present to you:

  1. It seems, having some fixed date makes it easier to start new things, no? ↩︎
  2. The photo must not necessarily be taken on the same day, but it is encouraged. ↩︎
  3. We’ll see how that will work out… ↩︎