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How I Use Twitter

I use Twitter daily to find interesting links (articles/blog posts to read, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to, etc.) and also to keep up with friends. I open it once in the morning and once in the afternoon, that's it. I read all the tweets, clearing my timeline.

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Create a Custom Settings Page in WordPress

I have created a lot of custom settings pages in WordPress over the years. Still, this morning, I struggled, because my options just wouldn't save. So I decided to write down all the parts as a very basic reference for my future self.

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Latest Photo Blog

With everything going in my life, between kids, work and all the rest, going out just to take photographs is just not a priority at the moment. But I can feel the itch growing. I'll start carrying my camera more often in the coming weeks and start making more images along the way. Just as I did today, when I went grocery shopping with the little one.

About Florian

FlorianHi, I am Florian Ziegler and I am a photographer. I mostly do black and white documentary work. My subjects vary greatly, from wrestling to non-profits, events and births.
I am also a web designer & developer, creating websites for our clients at Haptiq. I live in Essen, Germany.

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