WordCamp Europe 2015 – Day 1

WordCamp Europe 2015 took place in Seville, Spain last weekend. Like last year’s event, the organization was flawless. Many thanks to everyone involved! I am already looking forward to seeing you all again in Vienna in 2016.

These are my images from day one:

1. Siobhan McKeown officially starting WordCamp Europe 2015 with the opening remarks.
2. Attendees need to sit on the floor due to huge interest in talks taking place in room 2.
3. Simon Dickson moderating the talks in room 2 in the morning of the first day of wceu.
4. Rian Rietveld during her talk: “The Accessibility-Ready Tag for Your Theme: Why and How”.
5. WordCamp attendees listening to Rian Rietveld’s talk about accessibility in WordPress.
6. Adrian Zumbrunnen and Pascal Birchler waiting to go on stage for their short talks.
7. Pascal Birchler on stage during his talk “Centralizing WordPress Professionals”.
8. Attendees are obviously multitasking while listening to talks in room 1.
9. Silvan Hagen sporting the right outfit for the crazy hot temperatures during WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville.
10. Bryce Adams talking about how he built a WordPress-powered SaaS in 3 Days.
11. Andrea Gandino listening attentively to what’s happening on stage.
12. Bryce Adams had the most entertaining slides in his talk about creating a SaaS with WordPress.
13. Mika Epstein talking about working with hosting companies.
14. Attendees getting their WordCamp t-shirts.
15. Command center to control the live stream.
16. Ibon Azkoitia Velasco and Rocio Valdivia, happy volunteers/organizers at #wceu 2015
17. Volunteers, easily spotted by their orange crew shirts, giving out WordCamp t-shirts to attendees.
18. Iain Tailor trying on a WordCamp branded hat. I think you made the right choice there, Iain. 🙂
19. Nikolay Bachiyski talks about WordPress security principles. It was later announced by Matt Mullenweg that Nikolay was named “Security Czar” for the WordPress Project.
20. Lunch time at WordCamp Europe 2015.
21. Interpreter booth: All talks were interpreted live into Spanish.
22. Attendees fill the room right before Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A session.
23. Matt Mullenweg on stage during his Q&A session.
24. Caspar Hübinger asking Matt what it would take to prioritize the improvement of rossetta sites and WordPress.org in general.
25. Matt Mullenweg enjoying the Q&A session at WordCamp Europe 2015.
26. Camera operators capturing the event for the live stream. All talks will also be available on wordpress.tv.
27. Thomas Brühl taking pictures during the Q&A session.
28. Mario Peshev taking a well deserved break from his volunteering duties during Matt’s Q&A session.
29. Full house during Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A session at WordCamp Europe 2015.
30. Zeev Suraski brought this one of a kind, golden PHP elephant to WordCamp Europe 2015.
31. Mark Jaquith talking about “Ethics and WordPress Development”.
32. Aaron Jorbin talking about “The Future of WordPress Build Tools”.
33. View into the interpreter booth in room 2 of WordCamp Europe 2015.

Update: Images from day 2 are up!

All images in this post by Florian Ziegler are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For the ones interested in the technical aspects of photography: All images were taken with the Fujifilm X-T1 and either the XF 14mm or the XF 35mm lens.