WordCamp Europe 2015 – Day 2

Images from the second day of WordCamp Europe 2015.


1. Ryan McCue opening day 2 with his talk about the REST API.
2. WordCamp Europe attendee Miguel Arroyo using the live interpretation service.
3. Andrey Savchenko asking “You put regular expressions in your routes, why again!?” after Ryan McCue‘s talk about the REST API.
4. Kari Leigh taking pictures. Go take a look at her pictures from WordCamp Europe 2015.
5. Ryan McCue talking to friends and colleagues after his talk.
6. Jack Lenox is ready to go onto the stage right before his talk about “Theming, React and the REST API”.
7. Jack Lenox on stage during his talk about theming and the REST API.
8. Simon Dickson talking to Amelia Andersdotter and Anders Jensen-Urstad right before their talk.
9. Amelia Andersdotter and Anders Jensen-Urstad during their talk about building privacy-friendly websites.
10. Simon Dickson and Petya Raykovska working away at the sidelines.
11. WordCamp Europe attendee Luca Tumedei is asking a question at the end of a talk about privacy.
12. Jeni Tennison talking about how much you should share your data.
13. Volunteer Marina Segura fighting the hot weather in Seville during WordCamp Europe 2015.
14. WordCamp attendees/volunteers Claudio Rimann, me, Heiko Mamerow, Annette Voelckner, Michael Firnkes. Photo by Ulya Yavuz.
15. Job offers and requests posted by WordCamp Europe attendees.
16. Attendees using the entrance sign as a sun shade during the crazy hot weather in Seville at WordCamp Europe 2015.
17. Adam Silverstein during his talk about Backbone.js and WordPress.
18. Mark Forrester talking about growing WooThemes and WooCommerce.
19. An attendee taking pictures during a talk at WordCamp Europe 2015.
20. Anda Pop and Alex Ciobică enjoying a talk at WordCamp Europe 2015.
21. Siobhan McKeown and Petya Raykovska with the closing remarks after a very successful WordCamp Europe 2015.
22. Happy attendees after a weekend of WordPress.
23. A big thank you to all of the volunteers.
24. All the #wceu organizers & volunteers on stage.
25. WordCamp Europe 2015 volunteers on stage.
26. Kari Leigh giving out directions to take a group picture of all organizers and volunteers of WordCamp Europe 2015.
27. Happy organizers/volunteers after WordCamp 2015 is over.

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All images in this post by Florian Ziegler are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For the ones interested in the technical aspects of photography: All images were taken with the Fujifilm X-T1 and either the XF 14mm or the XF 35mm lens.