Once again an amazing WordCamp Europe lies behind us. This time the WordPress community met in Vienna, Austria.

As in the previous three years, here are a few of my favorite images. Enjoy!

Petya Raykovska
1. Petya Raykovska, lead organizer for WordCamp Europe 2016, delivering the opening remarks.
Franz Vitulli
2. Franz Vitulli watching the opening remarks.
Live stream
3. Managing the live stream: Over 1000 people were able to watch all three tracks of WordCamp Europe 2016 live from all over the world.
Mike Little
4. Mike Little, co-founding developer of WordPress, during his talk.
Ant Miller
5. Ant Miller, MC in Halle E, watching the interview and Q&A with Matt Mullenweg.
Brian Krogsgard and Matt Mullenweg
6. Brian Krogsgard and Matt Mullenweg during their interview and Q&A session at WordCamp Europe 2016.
Question form the audience
7. A question from the audience for Matt during the Q&A session. Halle E could fit up to 1200 attendees. The session was also live streamed to Halle G and the Leopold Museum.
Caspar Hübinger
8. Caspar Hübinger right before taking the stage for his talk called “Caring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do. — Thoughts on WordPress Plugin UI“.
Helen Hou-Sandí
9. Helen Hou-Sandí delivered an amazing piano performance as part of her talk at WordCamp Europe 2016.
Brian Krogsgard
10. Brian Krogsgard watching Helen Hou-Sandí perform at WordCamp Europe 2016.
Francesca Marano
11. Francesca Marano answering questions after her talk about “The (rebirth of the) Italian community”.
Ana Silva
12. Ana Silva, MC for track two, on stage in Halle G.
Sonja Leix
13. Sonja Leix on stage during her talk “My friend the impostor syndrome”.
Tom Nowell
14. Tom Nowell on stage for his talk about handling anxiety and “The Science of Happiness”.
Anastasios Manoloudis and Patrick Ullrich
15. Anastasios Manoloudis and Patrick Ullrich in the backstage area during Slack support duty. They were two of 160 volunteers who made WordCamp Europe happen.
Anastasios Manoloudis
16. Anastasios Manoloudis having fun during his volunteer duty.
Joe Hoyle
17. Joe Hoyle during his talk about the WordPress REST API.
Joe Hoyle
18. Halle E was fully packed during Joe Hoyle‘s talk about the WordPress REST API.
Tammie Lister
19. Tammie Lister during her talk about emotional design.
Tomaz Zaman
20. Tomaz Zaman (center) getting ready for his talk “You are too cheap“.
21. WordPress communities from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.
K.Adam White
22. K.Adam White during his talk “Using the REST API and JavaScript to create better WordPress interfaces“.
Martin Glanert
23. Martin Glanert during his Unconference session “Fun with Forms” at the Leopold Museum.
Siobhan McKeown
24. Attendees checking out sponsor booths while Siobhan McKeown‘s talk is streamed to the monitor in the foyer.
Pascal Birchler
25. Pascal Birchler before his talk.
Pascal Birchler
26. Karin Christen taking a photo of her colleague Pascal Birchler during his talk.
Petya Raykovska
27. Petya Raykovska delivering the closing remarks.
Organizers of WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna
28. Huge applause for the organizing team of WordCamp Europe 2016.
WordCamp Europe 2016 organizers and volunteers on stage
29. All organizers and volunteers on stage after a successfull #wceu 2016.
Group Photo of all attendees of WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna.
30. Group photo! WordCamp Europe 2016 was the largest WordCamp ever with 2200 tickets sold.

See you all in Paris next year!

You can find all of the above images and many more on flickr.

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