WordCamp Europe 2017

The fifth WordCamp Europe took place in Paris last week. I am repeating myself each year, when I say how great it was!

I had the role of photography team lead this year, which meant that I somehow ended up shooting fewer images than in the years before. Nevertheless – here are my favorite photos (that I took) from WordCamp Europe 2017.


A huge billboard announcing WordCamp Europe 2017
1. WordCamp Europe 2017 took place in Paris, France from June 15-17 2017. 1.900 attendees, from 79 countries attended.
Wide shot of Luca Sartoni on Stage
2. Luca Sartoni on stage during volunteer orientation on June 15th 2017.
Wapuu on a registration desk
3. Wapuu is greeting attendees in the registration area at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Attendees taking a seat in the Pullman building
4. Attendees filling the Pullman building – the biggest of the three venues for WordCamp Europe 2017.
Andrey and Sam making funny faces
5. Andrey Savchenko and Sam Sidler are waiting for the next session to start.
Petya sitting at her laptop smiling at the camera
6. Petya Raykovska getting ready for her talk «WordPress Beyond Borders».
Caspar is on stage barefoot
7. Caspar Hübinger on stage during his talk «Big Little Shame».
Andrew and volunteers a gathered around his laptop on stage
8. Andrew Nacin preparing for his talk «People Over Code» at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Wide shot of Matt and Om from behind, with the audience in the background
9. Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik on stage during the interview and Q&A session at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Thabo on stage, with his slides in the background
10. Thabo Tswana on stage for his talk about organizing the very first WordCamp Harare, Simbabwe.
Robert holding a smartphone and a microphone interviewing Rian
11. Rian Rietveld is interviewed by Robert Turcs of the WCEU video team after her talk about «Accessibility in the Age of the Headless CMS».
A member of the live captioning team typing
12. All sessions were live captioned in English and French.
Two interpreters inside the interpretation booth
13. All sessions were also simultaneously interpreted into French.
Carole wearing a top hat looking at her phone
14. Carole Olinger on stage, MC’ing at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Simon and Stefania pointing at something outside the photo
15. Simon Dickson and Stefania Chiorboli on stage, getting ready for the next speaker.
Anastasios standing on a chair in the background, networkers talking in the foreground
16. Anastasios Manoloudis is wrangling a speed networking session. Tribe meetups and sponsor workshops were also part of WordCamp Europe 2017.
Attendees sitting outside, eating lunch, while three waiters walk past
17. Attendees are sitting in the sun during lunch break at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Andrew talking on the phone in the almost empty Pullman building
18. Andrew Liyanage is talking on the phone during lunch break on day two of WordCamp Europe 2017.
Pascal smiling
19. Pascal Birchler is getting his picture taken at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Nvena, Noel and Sonja are sitting on the sidewalk across the street
20. Nevena Tomovic, Noel Tock and Sonja Leix are taking a break after a hard day of work.
Volunteers sitting on the floor in the hallway backstage area
21. Volunteers and members of the media are working and/or relaxing backstage at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Benjamin seen from above, crawling under a table
22. Benjamin Lupu fixing networking issues, in the green room, backstage at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Florian and Isabelle are looking at a smart phone screen
23. Florian Gottschall and Isabelle García look at video footage. Both were part of the official video team for WordCamp Europe 2017.
Elodie is being iluminated by her laptop's monitor
24. Elodie Bouneau is working on her Laptop at WordCamp Europe 2017.
Sonja's glasses reflecting the light emitted by her phone's screen
25. Sonja Leix, design lead for WCEU, is probably checking the organizer’s Slack during WordCamp Europe 2017.
Group photo from above
26. By now a tradition at WordCamp Europe: A group photo of communities from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.
Letizia, Luca and Sonja are smiling at Paolo who just received a framed picture of the Eiffel Tower
27. Letizia Barbi, Luca Sartoni and Sonja Leix present Paolo Belcastro with a gift from the WordCamp Europe organizer team.
Emanuel, Paolo and Jenny with concentrated looks on their faces
28. Emanuel Blagonic, Paolo Belcastro and Jenny Beaumont are putting the final touches to the slides for the closing remarks after months of hard work.
All the WordCamp volunteers completly filling the stage
29. Almost all of the 45 organizers and 211 volunteers on stage during the closing remarks. (Photo by Claudio Rimann)
Emanuel raising his hands in the air, a crowd of volunteers and a huge map of Europe behind him
30. Jenny Beaumont, Emanuel Blagonic and the other volunteers react, as Belgrade is annouced to be hosting WordCamp Europe 2018.
Jenny and Milan waving
31. Say hello to the lead organizers for WordCamp Europe 2018, Jenny Beaumont and Milan Ivanovic.
Milan and Jenny seen from behind, hugging, with attendes in the background
32. Milan Ivanovic and Jenny Beaumont hug after all is said and done. See you in Belgrade in 2018!

A Flickr album with these and more images is coming soonish…

Images in this post by Florian Ziegler (unless stated otherwise) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For the photography nerds: All photos were shot with either the Fuji X100F or the X-T1 and the 35mm F1.4 or 14mm F2.8 lens. Editing and slight post processing was done in Lightroom.