My Image Processing Workflow

I have been asked about my image processing workflow after sending out the second issue of my newsletter a couple of days ago. So in addition to answering directly, I thought, I might as well share it here.

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While I am here, I might just tell you about my brand new newsletter

I sent out the first issue last Friday – and no one has unsubscribed, so I am quite happy!

I started it, because I wanted a place to share more of my personal work, especially the photo projects I am currently working on. As most of my recent photography involves my family, I wanted a more private setting. (At least a little more private than just posting it on my website.)

I also wanted a built-in feedback loop to start a conversation. But as evident by my last post, I am not keen on any of the current social media platforms, so they were not an option.

I think email was the only logical consequence.

Please subscribe if you are interested in what I have been up to. (It is in German. But even if you don’t understand the words, you will still see pretty pictures.)


I think it might be time to revive this blog.

I have been posting mostly over on my photo blog, but lately wanted to share some other stuff – non-photography-related – as well. I sometimes use twitter for bits and bobs, but that has become more and more of a passive medium for me. I deleted all other social media apps from my phone.

So why not use this perfectly working system, that has existed long before any of the current attention-sucking, soul-draining platforms have come along? (Can you feel my resentment?)

Let’s see how it goes!