Best of the Best

My dad recently won the German photo competition “Blende 2017“.

The Blende1 competition is a yearly event. Hobby/amateur photographers submit photos in different categories to their local newspapers. From there, the winners move on to the nationwide finals.

Couple under an umbrella walk the foggy streets of Edinburgh

My dad’s picture “Schottischer Nebel” (Scottish fog) won his local newspaper’s competition in the category “Urbanity – Metropolises – Streetphotography” and was finally picked as the best image from over 80.000 entries, 8.100 of which made it to the final round.

Congrats dad!

  1. Blende means “aperture” in German↩︎

After Daily Photo Blogging

I started daily photo blogging exactly one year and one day ago. I only fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago. We are still getting used to the new life schedule with our little daughter. (She will be 6 months old next week.) So going out shooting was not as high a priority as it was in the months before she was born. As I have written before – the main reason to start the daily blog was to force myself shooting more. I am still taking many, many pictures – just not ones that I want to share with the world. They will end up in books or be hung on a wall in our home or as presents for grand parents etc.

  • Within one year I shared at total of 306 photos, all taken pretty much the same day or a couple of days before posting them.

Now, I still like the idea of sharing my images.

So, starting today I will go back into my archives and post images from our travels from the last couple of years. Not necessarily in chronological order, but I will try to add some (written) context to each image or set of images – I am not sure what the format (or the schedule for that matter) will be exactly. And they won’t all be black and white. (Crazy, I know.) To be most flexible, I will just post them here on this blog.

I created a new „From the Archive“ category. If you want to subscribe to just those posts, use this RSS Feed.

The first post in this series will take you to a market in Da Nang.

Onkel Flo 3


This is my brand new niece, Liv. She’s one month already, and I finally met her in person! ❤️