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Twitterific is at the time of this writing the only “social media” app left on my phone. And, because I am also very careful, who I follow on Twitter, my feed is usually very curated, so that I can go through the whole (chronological) feed once a day and mostly find some interesting stuff to read or watch or laugh about.

My other source of online reading material has returned to RSS. I had a huge list of feeds I followed back in the days of Google Reader. Now that NetNewsWire is being actively developed again (it also has an iOS app, that syncs via iCloud), this is where I do most of my electronic reading these days.

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Zeche Zollverein

I went to photograph at Zeche Zollverein yesterday. I now wonder, why I have not been there before in the five years I have been living in Essen. It is a vast area and the construction is quite impressive. It is also interesting how it was converted to being a recreation area in the last 35 years after it was all shut down. It also become a UNESCO World Heritage site 20 years ago. Now people go out for a walk, do sports or just hang out – right before this impressive backdrop of a bygone era.

Webbed Briefs

I recently stumbled upon the video series called Webbed Briefs by Heydon Pickering.

They are very well made and really funny. Four episodes exist at the time of me writing this. Do yourself a favour and watch all of them.

(And because Heydon uses a very similar style of presenting live, it also reminded me how much I miss documenting events with my camera. Here is a picture of him right before going on stage at beyond tellerrand in 2019.)

Books I Created in 2020

From a photographic perspective 2020 was kind of bleak. All the events I usually love to document were canceled. But less shooting also meant that I was able to do something with my photographs. I was able to complete six printing projects over the course of the year.

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