picu Update

We just released picu 1.6.0, which adds support for multi-client collections. This was by far the most involved project inside of picu to date, as it required us to touch almost all parts of the plugin.

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Creating a Photo Archive Website From My flickr Data

I am not sure when I finally canceled my flickr Pro account. I always liked flickr for what it was, but for the last couple of years I have only ever used it to upload photographs for events I documented. I was thinking about deleting my account, but it has grown to a substantial archive with loads of images, and it felt wrong to just delete them. I definitely wanted an archive for my self so I requested my data from flickr.

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I replaced WordPress with Kirby

For a couple of months now my photo blog has been running on Kirby. In the following post I will share some observations I made during the implementation of my first real life project using Kirby, in which I re-built my photo blog, which was previously running on a completely custom built WordPress theme.

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RSS & NetNewsWire

Twitterific is at the time of this writing the only “social media” app left on my phone. And, because I am also very careful, who I follow on Twitter, my feed is usually very curated, so that I can go through the whole (chronological) feed once a day and mostly find some interesting stuff to read or watch or laugh about.

My other source of online reading material has returned to RSS. I had a huge list of feeds I followed back in the days of Google Reader. Now that NetNewsWire is being actively developed again (it also has an iOS app, that syncs via iCloud), this is where I do most of my electronic reading these days.

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Zeche Zollverein

I went to photograph at Zeche Zollverein yesterday. I now wonder, why I have not been there before in the five years I have been living in Essen. It is a vast area and the construction is quite impressive. It is also interesting how it was converted to being a recreation area in the last 35 years after it was all shut down. It also become a UNESCO World Heritage site 20 years ago. Now people go out for a walk, do sports or just hang out – right before this impressive backdrop of a bygone era.