Personal Picture Postcards

So I created this new feature into my photo blog where I can send a photograph and a personal note to someone in the form of a (digital) postcard.

This is probably not an original idea, but it was important to me, not to use an external service and that I have full control over how to present the photo and the note.

As I have written before, I am not a fan of sharing photography via social media, because it lacks personality and intentionality.

And while I love my photo blog for sharing my images, I was looking for a way to send a personal message to someone – that’s just for them, eg. to say thank you or send them an image, that is only meant for them.

It was also important to allow people to keep their postcards. That is why you can download them (it’s a simple HTML file) and look at them offline. (It should even work in Quick Look on a Mac!)

Here is an example postcard, if you want to check it out.

I will probably make it more accessible and also optimize the file size at bit (all assets are base64 encoded and embedded in the HTML file). Stuff might still break. (Please let me know!)

Oh and, I almost forgot to mention: You need a somewhat adequate screen (size) to see it, because mobile phones are way too small to look at photography. 😏

I’d love to hear what you think!

PS: I had this idea for a while and Sophie‘s talk at beyond tellerrand got me all fired up to tinker with my personal website again, so I made the first prototype back in the hotel that night. 🤘