The Heads of ArtiMinds

This is the Management of ArtiMinds Robotics. Those guys recently started their own enterprise.

Form their website:

ArtiMinds Robotics is a young company in the field of robotic manipulation with arms and actuated end effectors. Filling the gap between the latest research on autonomous robots on the one hand and classical industrial robotics on the other, ArtiMinds specializes in extremely fast and intuitive generation of complex robot motion programs.


Sven Schmidt-Rohr
Dr. Sven Schmidt-Rohr
Rainer Jäkl
Dr. Rainer Jäkl
Gerhard Dirschl
Gerhard Dirschl

The photos look even better, positioned side-by-side, like so.

Easy setup: Stripped speedlite behind the subject directed towards the wall, speedlite with shoot-through umbrella directed towards the subject on a 45° angle. Shot with the 5D mark III.