New Wallet

In course of trimming overhead and eliminating unneeded stuff from my life I arrived at my wallet. I used to carry a standard black leather wallet with different compartments for money (bills), cards and coins. It was full of stuff I didn’t need and didn’t want to carry around anymore.

I did a little research online and finally found the Bellroy website. The way they present their products was instantly appealing to me. A little more digging had me convinced that the quality was also very good.

I bought their Card Sleeve Wallet, which is the slimmest wallet they make.

Bellroy Sleeve Wallet
My Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet

A very small wallet comes with some trade-offs of course. No coins for example. But the only time I really need coins is for parking, so I just keep a handful of coins in the car. I also have to fold the bills but that’s a small price to pay for being able to carry such a small wallet.

Bellroy Sleeve Wallet
It holds everything I need: ID card, driver’s license, credit and cash card, health insurance card and some business cards.

As of this writing I used my Bellroy Card Sleeve for about three months and I couldn’t be more happy with it.

Slim down your life!