2023 Retrospective

In 2023 I archived 15,705 photos1, 4,703 of which, I marked as favorites. (2022’s numbers for comparison: 21,469 archived, 4,846 favorites). Far less images than last year. Not sure why. It didn’t feel like I was shooting less.

30% of images are tagged “home”, which means I took them at and around my home. (35% in 2022). 47% of all of my 2023 images have at least one of my daughters in them, which – like last year, indicates that documenting my family is still by far the most important part of my photographic practice. Those images are usually only shared with family. The favorite ones are used for the year books (see below).

At number one – of course, again – accounting for 45% of my images: the Leica M10-P. The Fujifilm X-E4 takes second place with 29%, and the Leica Q comes in third, accounting for 15% of all photographs taken in 2023. And even though I only bought the X-T5 (trading in the X-E4) late in December, I already took a lot of images with it, bringing its share to 5%.

The month with the most images was April, counting 2,107.

(See 2022)

Books I created in 2023

The three books I created in 2023
Books I created in 2023

I created only three books last year. I am planing on increasing my output this year.

(Books I created in 2022, 2021 and 2020)

  1. I should probably start making a note of the actual number, as in “number of times I pressed the shutter button”, because “archived” in this case means: Images I have imported into my Lightroom catalog and expect to keep forever. I do a lot of pre-selecting before I import my images. You can read more about that in my workflow post.↩︎