Like my Posts

Yesterday evening I found myself with a little bit of time on my hands, so got to play and implement a new feature for my photoblog. (Small aside: The kirby documentation and forums are fantastic!)

You can now like a post by clicking on the little heart icon next to the title.

The number of likes won’t be publicly visible and I won’t get a notification.

You should, however, see a “Your Likes” link in the bottom navigation, which will lead you to a collection of your liked posts. (Please note: As there are no accounts, likes are cookie based, so if you flush those, your likes will be gone. 🤷‍♂️)

I am not trying to create a dopamine hit machine for myself, no thank you! But I would like to make the blog more interactive. And this is a small first step in that direction. In the future, I might even bring regular ol’ comments to the blog. Not sure about it yet…

So please show your appreciation by liking my posts! 😉