After Daily Photo Blogging

I started daily photo blogging exactly one year and one day ago. I only fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago. We are still getting used to the new life schedule with our little daughter. (She will be 6 months old next week.) So going out shooting was not as high a priority as it was in the months before she was born. As I have written before – the main reason to start the daily blog was to force myself shooting more. I am still taking many, many pictures – just not ones that I want to share with the world. They will end up in books or be hung on a wall in our home or as presents for grand parents etc.

  • Within one year I shared at total of 306 photos, all taken pretty much the same day or a couple of days before posting them.

Now, I still like the idea of sharing my images.

So, starting today I will go back into my archives and post images from our travels from the last couple of years. Not necessarily in chronological order, but I will try to add some (written) context to each image or set of images – I am not sure what the format (or the schedule for that matter) will be exactly. And they won’t all be black and white. (Crazy, I know.) To be most flexible, I will just post them here on this blog.

I created a new „From the Archive“ category. If you want to subscribe to just those posts, use this RSS Feed.

The first post in this series will take you to a market in Da Nang.

Onkel Flo 3


This is my brand new niece, Liv. She’s one month already, and I finally met her in person! ❤️

The fifth WordCamp Europe took place in Paris last week. I am repeating myself each year, when I say how great it was!

I had the role of photography team lead this year, which meant that I somehow ended up shooting fewer images than in the years before. Nevertheless – here are my favorite photos (that I took) from WordCamp Europe 2017.

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Last weekend we headed to Scotland to attend our friends’ wedding. It was a great couple of days in Scotland. The wedding was wonderful, most lovingly put together – with so many caring friends and family. Obviously I took a large amount of images.

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