With the Sub Partu (lat., during birth) project I want to document home births as an alternative to the in Germany prevalent birth at a hospital.

My fascination with the subject began with the birth of our daughter Lumi in March 2017. My wife and I did extensive research leading up to the due date, and decided that our daughter should be born at home with the support of two wonderful midwives.

The ever-increasing difficulties for midwives, that provide care during home births in Germany, and also the accounts of many women, that felt under pressure while having a regular birth at a hospital, led me to this project.

I want to show that giving birth doesn’t need invasive, medical intervention, but can be done in harmony, in a familar setting, without interference or pressure and fear. I want to document the immensely important work of midwives and encourage women to rely on their own strength by showing examples of families who have done it before.

I am currently looking for more participants in this project. If you are interested, please get in touch.