In an effort to do more with my photography I had the idea of creating a photo book with my favorite images I took at WordCamp Europe over the last couple of years.

When I talked to some friends in the WordPress community about this idea, they seemed pretty enthusiastic, so I created this page to tell you all about the project and its status.

Best of the Best

My dad recently won the German photo competition “Blende 2017“.

The Blende1 competition is a yearly event. Hobby/amateur photographers submit photos in different categories to their local newspapers. From there, the winners move on to the nationwide finals.

Couple under an umbrella walk the foggy streets of Edinburgh

My dad’s picture “Schottischer Nebel” (Scottish fog) won his local newspaper’s competition in the category “Urbanity – Metropolises – Streetphotography” and was finally picked as the best image from over 80.000 entries, 8.100 of which made it to the final round.

Congrats dad!

  1. Blende means “aperture” in German↩︎