This is my now page, last updated on March 19th, 2023.

I just realized I have not updated this now page in quite a while (September 8th, 2021!). So what is happening right now?

Photography & Travel

Photo blogging is going strong. The streak is at 170 consecutive posts as of this writing. I do not intend to stop any time soon!

I am in the process of creating a second Wrestling zine. I have been visiting the wXw academy shows for a couple of months and I think I got some great images to fill a second magazine.

Very quiet on the newsletter front. Not sure if I want to retire it or not.

After the devastating earthquakes in Turkey we decided to visit our family in May. We are very fortunate that the family over there is fine and I can’t wait to continue my Aile project. Ulya’s fundraiser for disaster relief is still ońgoing for a couple of days.

As always: After beyond tellerrand, is before beyond tellerrand. Very happy to be covering the event again in April.

After a very long time I will be going to a WordCamp. Two actually: First in Switzerland, where I will finally IRL meet up with my friend and Haptiq co-founder Claudio again. And we also bought tickets for WordCamp Europe in Athens in June.


Very keen on setting aside more time to work on picu. It is always hard to justify working on it more, while having client projects lined up. But we are still committed in bringing it forward and making it a more important part of our business (and revenue). I am planning on working on in full-time at least for a couple of weeks in the near future.

Otherwise, lots of interesting client projects recently done or on-going. We are finally in a place, where the project sizes (and budgets) are where we want them. Work has been pretty fun the last couple of months.

I really want to share more web dev stuff on the journal, but it is hard. I really have to make a point of it and remind myself to do it.


I want to get more into cycling. As my current bike is not a good fit, I went to a bike fitting recently, and now have to decide if I want to invest in a completely new bike or make adjustments to my current bike. Still not sure what the best way forward is here.