This is my now page, last updated on September 8th, 2021.


I sent out two issues of my newsletter so far this year, and I announced that I would send at least four. So I am planing on the final two issues for this year.

I want to print two field guides – I borrow this term from Dan Milnor – to have something in my bag, that I can show people, when I do street photography.

I will be traveling to Turkey again in October, where I will hopefully continue my Aile project.

I am also looking forward to documenting the next beyond tellerrand in November.

Web Dev

I am currently working on the next version of this website. What you see right now is kind of a work in progress. I will need to check, if I can find some screenshots of previous versions, that I can share once it is ready. It is not that different to the last version, but I want to streamline the design with that of my photo blog – and I also want to share more web dev related content, so the focus won’t be solely on my photography anymore.


We recently bought a cargo e-bike. This will be our main method of transportation around the city and I hope I will find the time to share more about it in the journal.