This is a now page. Last updated on March 19th, 2020.


Priority 1 is raising my two daughters. I try to spend as much time with them as possible. With this current Corona situation, we are pretty much together 24/7 – which is nice, but has its challenges, especially if I or my wife need to get some work done. (She was able to move her courses online!) I am sure, many of you are in a similar situation. Still, we are making the best out if it!


More than ever, I am documenting our family life as much as I can. I just created the third book for my oldest daughter, which covers her third year on this planet.

I have recently finished a prototype of my first zine called “Diamonds in the Rough”, which features wrestlers from a local wrestling show. Check out this preview. I am curently checking out demand. I would love to print this for more people than just myself. I am currently thinking about a limited print run. Let me know if you are interested in owning a copy yourself!

I have not made much progress on my book about Iceland. My goal is to decide on the final images and the layout in the next two months.

And then there is still the WCEU photography book project. I am nowhere near where I would like to be. Some things just have to take a back seat. My goal is to at least send out a first newsletter on the current state, hopefully next month.


I am working on several client projects for Haptiq.

And we are steadily improving picu, our proofing solution for photographers using WordPress.