This is my now page, last updated on May 30th, 2024.

I am so bad at keeping this page up to date. Should probably set a reminder or something. So what is happening right now?


As ever, I am trying to maximize family time. Hanging out and doing stuff with my daughters and documenting our adventures together along the way is so much fun. With summer just around the corner we will be out and about much more and the increased cycling abilities of my younger daughter will allow us to explore even further.

Ulya still plans to go back to university come fall next year to become a midwife. This will bring a whole set of challenges, especially organization-wise.

Photography & Travel

Photoblogging is as strong as it has ever been! I started a new streak on January 1st and the goal is to post at least one photo per day, every day, for the rest of the year. Project 366.

I am fresh off documenting yet another beyond tellerrand. It was great as always, and I am already looking forward to Berlin in November.

I’ll be heading to Turin for WordCamp Europe in two weeks, which should be fun.

Other than that, I created a magazine with images of a trip to Dubai with my parents and my sister back in March of this year. I also finished two “a year in the life” books of my daughters.

I still want to go out and shoot more and probably find a new photo project to sink my teeth in.

Haptiq & picu

Lately I have been spending lots of time on picu, improving it. We have a release coming up very (very!) soon, which will be one of our biggest yet. Revenue-wise it has to get a lot stronger to justify the time we are spending on it. That being said, I am still optimistic about its potential and I hope to get some input in terms of marketing at WCEU!

In terms of client work, I was able to finish a very interesting project, which we will soon have more to say about on the Haptiq website, once the project is live.


I was very confident to finally get going with a new gym membership. Then I became sick and delayed everything again. I need to finally pull the trigger.

Also I want to do more inline skating again. I bought new skates last year, right before the weather became really shite. Now that it is getting warmer and less rainy, I want to do it regularly again. 🤞