This is my now page, which was last updated on November 22th, 2020.


No. 1 priority is raising my two daughters. They are growing incredibly fast, so I try to spend as much time with them as possible.


Most of my photography these days consists of documenting our family life. Downloading and post processing is always the last thing I do on my computer before I turn it off for the night.

I just sent out the first Newsletter. I am still not entirely sure about what it will consist of. I want to share more of my photography, but not via social media. I’d like the idea of messaging people directly and maybe get a real conversation going. I am planing with four issues per year. Oh, and it is in German. Go ahead and sign up.

I also just finished my book in Iceland. I took a long time and I am currently waiting for the first printed version. I will share more details soon.


We are working on several client projects for Haptiq.

And we are steadily improving picu, our proofing solution for photographers using WordPress.

We have also started working on a new project, which we will hopefully announce later this or early next year.