The Kirby Panel

I didn’t mention the panel in my last post about Kirby1. Although I initially thought, I would add new posts via text editor/FTP upload, the panel quickly won me over, as I find it a joy to use.

Look at this beauty: Minimal, no clutter, everything I need – and nothing more. Opening the panel actually makes we want to post something!

Screenshot of the Kirby panel I use in my photo blog
Creating a new post on my photo blog with the Kirby panel

It is also quite simple to set up, once you have familiarized yourself with Kirby’s blueprints. You can configure the layout of the panel however you like, ordering fields in columns or tabs and so much more.

This is the code I use to layout my panel:

title: Default Page
num: '{{ page.published.toDate("Ymd") }}'
  - width: 1/2
        type: fields
            type: date
            time: true
            default: now
            type: textarea
            type: tags
            type: text
            label: Audio
            type: files
              template: audio
            multiple: false
  - width: 1/2
        type: files
        template: default
        layout: cards
        info: "{{ file.alt }}"
        size: medium
          ration: 3/2

As I said in the other post, I only scratched the surface of what is possible. But this has been working incredibly well for me. (For a couple of years now, actually!)

I might share more of my setup in the future. Recently I was even asked to share my whole theme. (Is it “theme”? Sorry, still not completely at home in the Kirby terminology, coming from WordPress.)

Before I am comfortable doing that, I would need to do some polishing first, though. Kind of like, not letting anyone into my home, before having done at least a little amount of cleaning. 🙂

  1. I forgot I had written this post a couple of years ago, right after I published my post about switching my photo blog to Kirby. Just found it in my drafts. 🤷‍♂ī¸â†Šī¸Ž