Whereabouts Update

I recently updated Whereabouts, my WordPress location plugin.

It now allows you to set your current location using the browser’s geolocation api. What that means is: you press a button, and with a little help from Google’s Maps API, you automatically get back your location, without the need of typing it in manually.


Google returns the results at different levels of accuracy. Just choose the one you like and save your whereabouts.

You can get Whereabouts from wordpress.org or just search for it from inside your WordPress installation.

Whereabouts Update

I updated my Whereabouts WordPress Plugin a few times since it first launched a couple of weeks ago.

One of the main requests was to enable every user to set their individual location. So I implemented that feature first. Other enhancements include the ability for the admin to decide which users are allowed to use the plugin depending on their role, and a shortcode, that let’s you display the location anywhere in the theme.

Try it, and tell me what you think.


Two days ago I uploaded my first plugin to the repository at WordPress.org. It is called Whereabouts and lets you enter your current location and time (+ time zone) and display that information as a widget.

You can see it in action right above this post. (At least until I post something else.)

I built it for myself primarily, but thought I should actually polish it a bit and share it, so that – maybe – someone else would find it useful. So there, you can download Whereabouts from WordPress.org.

Feedback is welcome. 🙂