Create a Custom Settings Page in WordPress

I have created a lot of custom settings pages in WordPress over the years. Still, this morning, I struggled, because my options just wouldn’t save. So I decided to write down all the parts as a very basic reference for my future self.

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Creating a Photo Archive Website From My flickr Data

I am not sure when I finally canceled my flickr Pro account. I always liked flickr for what it was, but for the last couple of years I have only ever used it to upload photographs for events I documented. I was thinking about deleting my account, but it has grown to a substantial archive with loads of images, and it felt wrong to just delete them. I definitely wanted an archive for my self so I requested my data from flickr.

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I replaced WordPress with Kirby

For a couple of months now my photo blog has been running on Kirby. In the following post I will share some observations I made during the implementation of my first real life project using Kirby, in which I re-built my photo blog, which was previously running on a completely custom built WordPress theme.

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Webbed Briefs

I recently stumbled upon the video series called Webbed Briefs by Heydon Pickering.

They are very well made and really funny. Four episodes exist at the time of me writing this. Do yourself a favour and watch all of them.

(And because Heydon uses a very similar style of presenting live, it also reminded me how much I miss documenting events with my camera. Here is a picture of him right before going on stage at beyond tellerrand in 2019.)

CSS Tutorial: Style Table Rows To Look Like Cards

A client needed a more readable design for some of the tables on their website. The typical table styling was not cutting it, because the last column of said tables contained way more content than all the other columns.

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