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My Photo Blog Turns 7

Seven years ago today I created my photo blog So I thought this is a good time to share some stats and facts. (I like stats!)

  • I posted 1.025 times in those seven years. That makes for a new post about every 2.5 days, which is pretty crazy come to think of it! I have never managed to post consistently on social media and never got into the habit of posting written content regularly (including sending out my newsletter). So this feels like quite the achievment.
  • The longest daily streak is the current one, at 331 days in a row. I am well on my way to completing one full year of daily posting on September 29th.
  • I posted the first color picture in 2018. The monochrome ratio is currently at 85%.
  • The blog started out on WordPress, but in October 2020 I switched to Kirby as my CMS of choice. I am extremely happy with it.
  • In November 2021 I added a gallery feature to have a place to share my event documentation (eg. of beyond tellerrand) that wouldn’t fit into regular posts.
  • As of now, there is no archive page, although there are a couple of collections, eg. this one. I like the idea of visitors clicking through singular posts, instead of quickly scanning and clicking only on images they find interesting.

Finally I want to share a quick tip: Press ? when you are on the blog, to get an overview of all the available keyboard shortcuts. Eg. you can use J to jump to the previous and K to get to the next post.

Surprising Stats

I recently added some stats to my photo blog:

I was surprised to find out, that the current streak (117 days and counting) is not the longest to date. Turns out that between 2016 and 2017 I managed to post 151 days in a row! I did not track it back then and that’s probably why I missed a day – and then continued to post for another 25 days straight.