Editing btconf

In the process of editing my #btconf images from earlier this week:

I did take 1,641 images in total. 805 were left after the first pass, 406 after the second. Now down to 219 photos. I usually aim for something in the range of 150 or so images. Getting rid of the last 50, is always the hardest part.

Final thing after that will be sequencing. I mostly go with chronological here, but sometimes, moving a couple of images around makes for a more interesting flow.

Stay tuned!

WordCamp Switzerland 2023

It’s been quite a while since I published one of my WordCamp photo recap posts! I had to look it up: It was for WCEU 2018. Crazy, how time flies!

I had a great time meeting old friends and making new ones.

Well, without further ado, here’s my (short) photographic recap of WordCamp Switzerland 2023.


1. A Wapuu banner welcomes attendees to WordCamp Switzerland 2023, which took place in Murten/Morat on April 1st 2023.
2. Empty chairs in the “Aquarium” room waiting to be filled.
3. WordCamp Organizer Michael Hörnlimann stands atop the stairs in Centre Loewenberg, waiting for attendees to arrive.
4. Léa McAleese is the first speaker of the day, with her session about “Nurturing your customers”.
5. The microphone, housed inside a foam box, is passed arround between attendees to ask questions.
6. Looking into the “Aula” room during an ongoing session.
7. The hotel buildings are part of Centre Loewenberg, the location for WordCamp Switzerland 2023.
8. Volunteer Florian Blaser waits for the next talk to start in the “Aula” room.
9. Nestor Angulo de Ugarte during his session “Round 1! FIGHT! – Or how to survive against a malicious hacker”.
10. Nico Martin answers questions from the audience after his talk about “How to automate your maintenance with Playwright”.
11. An attendee scans a QR code during Nico Martin’s talk at WordCamp Switzerland 2023.
12. Claudio Rimann, part of the photography team at WordCamp Switzerland 2023, peaks through the door into the “Aula” room.
13. Christian Zumbrunnen announces the next speaker, Remkus De Vries with his session: “WooCommerce, but faster”.
14. Attendees gather for the group photo at WordCamp Switzerland 2023.
15. Stefan “Velthy” Velthuys reacts while picking the winners of Required’s “guess the number of lines of code” competition.
16. Karin Christen hands out the prices to the competition winners.
17. cyon’s Philipp Zeder reacts after winning the competition.
18. Remkus De Vries is getting a back rub from WordCamp Switzerland 2023 organizer Mark Howells-Mead.
19. Noel Tock is getting mic’ed up by Maxime Culea.
20. Milan Ivanovic announces the final session of the day at WordCamp Switzerland 2023.
21. Panel discussion with the topic “WordPress in 2025” is about to start. Moderated by Noel Tock, with participants Matt Cromwell, Karin Christen, Simea Merki and Roslyn Lavery (not pictured).
22. Michael Hörnlimann presents some stats about WordCamp Switzerland 2023 during the closing remarks.
23. Michelle Bulloch says “Au revoir” and good-bye to the attendees at WordCamp Switzerland 2023.

Interested in going down memory lane? Have a look at all posts tagged WordCamp, with all of the recaps going back to the very first WordCamp Europe.

All images in this post taken by Florian Ziegler and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

And finally, for those who are interested: All photos taken with the Leica M10-P with either the 35mm or 50mm lens. Editing and gentle post processing in Lightroom.

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beyond moments

I recently started a new project, where it is my goal to create a photo book with pictures I took over the last five years at WordCamp Europe.

This is part of an ongoing quest to (re)define (and also refine) my photography. There is this urge to create more of it – and not only digitally.

So, because I am really happy with the images I took at beyond tellerrand conference two weeks ago, I went ahead and created a small photo book, which I called beyond moments.

While the aforementioned quest is still ongoing, I know for sure, that I really enjoy documenting events like this. Can’t wait for WordCamp Europe next month!

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