In September Claudio and I became founders of our own, proper design & web development agency. It is called Haptiq and it is awesome!

We have been working together on numerous projects for a couple of years now, so it was an obvious next step to take our cooperation to the next level.

We are still in the process of building our website, but we have some basic information up already and there is a first blog post. More to follow soon.

While I have your attention: We always appreciate new followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So use those links and click them follow buttons!

Not a potential client

Sometimes you just know that a new, „potential“ client has – in fact – no potential in becoming a real client at all.

From the way they contact you in their fist email (subject: „website“, no greeting, content: „Please call me.“ + signature), to the first, thankfully short, conversation on the phone – you just know, it is not worth it, even if you haven’t even spoken about money yet.

Don’t waste your time. You are better off working with nice people!