Stephen & Justine

Last week we headedĀ to Scotland to attend our friends’ wedding.

At eight weeks old, it was our daughter’s first out-of-country/overseas trip. She has now travelled by train, bus and an over-night ferry to get there, and by taxi and plane to come back home. She was great the whole time. We couldn’t be more proud and are so looking forward to doing lotsĀ of travelling with her in the future.

Anyways. It was a great couple of days in Scotland. The wedding was wonderful, most lovingly put together ā€“ with so many caring friends and family.

Obviously I took a large amount of images.

Enjoy a small selection of my favorite ones below.

The bride getting ready

The bridesmaids getting ready

Wedding Gown

Getting the kilts on

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Bride and Groom kissing

The bride, veil flowing in the wind

The Bride

First Dance

All images taken with the X100F and the X-T1 with either the XF 14mm 2.8 or the XF 35mm 1.4 lens.