picu Update

We just released picu 1.6.0, which adds support for multi-client collections. This was by far the most involved project inside of picu to date, as it required us to touch almost all parts of the plugin.

So, how’s it going anyway?

While we do experience steady growth over the last few years, we are still not where we want picu to be in terms of Pro sales. I’d say what holds us back most is, that we often lack the enthusiasm in regards to our marketing efforts – and rather work on new features. Of course, for picu to be successful, we need both! That’s why we are investing more time and energy into the marketing side of things to grow picu into the business we know it can be.

To date, people from 45 countries have bought our Pro add-ons, which is probably the most exciting part in all of this. During a time, where travelling was/is not really possible, it is great to see that at least a thing we made is going out into the world.

Thanks to everyone who supported Claudio and me along the way. We celebrate each and every one of you, as you can see in the example below. 🥳

New payment notification in Slack, lots of with emoji reactions
A little Slack celebration happens every time we make a sale

On to 1.7.0!