Noaks Bag – Review

When you look at a Noaks Bag for the first time, you could easily mistake it for a mere plastic ziploc bag. It is much more useful in many different ways though.

Noaks Bags are probably better put into a cateogory with water-proof iPhone cases or modular traveling bags/pouches/stuff sacks.

I own them in several sizes and constantly find new and different ways to use them.

I’ll list a few examples below:

Noaks Bag as coin wallet
Coin wallet: My regular wallet is too small to fit any coins, but here in Edinburgh I regularly need coins for the bus fare (as they do not give change). I use a extra-small sized bag as my coin wallet.
Cables/accessories in a Noaks Bag
Cables and other accessories: I use a small sized bag to hold all my adapters and cables. This way they don’t get tangled up and I don’t have to search through my backpack to find them. They are all neatly packed together.
Noaks Bag as backup hard drive protection
Backup hard drive protection: Although my backpack has a rain cover built-in, I use a small Noaks Bag to protect my backup hard drive (which I always take with me, when I leave my MacBook at home). With this setup I might just fall into a river and the drive will still be fine/protected.
Noaks Bag with SIM cards
With lots of traveling going on, I now own several different SIM cards. Here they are, with the tools I need to swap them.
Batteries and memory cards in a Noaks Bag
Batteries and memory cards for my camera.
Noaks Bag for important documents
Important documents, like passport and credit cards.
Noaks Bag as a water-proof iPad case
iPad case/cover: You are able to use touch devices through the noaks bag! This comes in very handy at the beach or other surroundings that are potentially hazardous to your electronic equipment. You can even take it for a swim. For the iPad mini a medium sized Noaks Bag works great.

They are not cheap if you view them just as plastic bags. If you compare them to products in the cases and bags category however, they are a steal!

Noaks Bags are sturdy and durable, and in months of use I have yet to see one fail or break.

Verdict: Totally Recommended.

Find out where to order them via the Noaks website. (In German only as of today.)

Update: I just found a YouTube video where they put a smartphone into a washing machine to proof how tough and water-proof the bags are: