My new everyday camera

About a month ago I bought a Fujifilm X100S.

I love this camera.

My X100S and me.

I was looking for something that…

Before I made the jump, I read many reviews online, two of which I highly recommend: Zack Arias’ “A camera walks into a bar” and David Hobby’s “In-Depth: The New Fujifilm X100s

After using it for about a month, I basicly come to the same conclusion: It is a great camera that can be used not only for quick shoots or street photography, but also on assignment and client work.

The build-quality is amazing. The only downside for me are the buttons on the back of the camera: They do not feel as sturdy and well crafted as the time and exposure compesation dials or the focus ring and aperture dial.

Other than that, I find myself reaching for it more and more, even when I have my trusted 5D mark III with me. The difference in weight is considerable.

The smaller form factor has another advantage: people’s perception of you as a photographer change. Compared to a DSLR with battery grip and lens attached, the X100S is not threatening at all. And because the camera is totaly silent, people around you might not even be aware of you taking pictures.

Fujifilm X100S vs. Canon 5D Mark III

Of course it is not as flexible as the Canon 5D. Your are stuck with a 35mm equivalent lens. For me, that is not an issue, as 35mm is my favorite focal length anyway. It fits the documentary style photography, that I like to do more and more these days, perfectly.

You can find my X100S shots on Flickr.

Next: I also shot Orange Swan (instrumental rock band) using the X100S and one off-camera flash (triggered by a Pocket Wizard).

BTW: Firmware version 1.02 for the X100S is available for download.