Hello WordCamp Europe 2024

My friend Claudio just published a post about going to WordCamp Europe in Turin in a couple of weeks.

I very much like the idea of writing a little introduction. I actually did this back in 2013, right before attending my very first WordCamp ever, which coincidentally was also the very first WordCamp Europe – and the event where I met Claudio!

Contributer Day at the very first WordCamp Europe 2013 in Leiden

Since then I have missed only one WCEU, and have taken part as a volunteer and organizer of WordCamp Europe many times.

As you might know, Claudio and I run our agency Haptiq together and we also develop and sell our proofing plugin picu. So our goals about who we want to meet and what we are interested in talking about, are pretty much aligned. So go read Claudios post, if you haven’t already. I’ll just summarize it here:

If that sounds interesting to you, please say hi and/or connect via Mastodon.

You can find more about me on my about page. I also just updated the now page, if you want to know, what I am up to recently.

See you in Turin!