File Handling: Leica M vs. Fuji

Something I never read about anywhere is how incredibly well the (digital) Leica M handles SD cards and files.

Example from earlier today:

After importing images and then putting the SD card back into my Fujifilm X-E4, it complained with a “card failure” error.

To its defense: The card was pretty much full and I used Photo Mechanic to select images and add some meta data directly on the card, which they (Camera Bits) explicitly, repeatedly tell you to never do. (What can I say… 🤷‍♂️)

The Fuji was basically crashing. Couldn’t even format the card.

So, I popped it into the Leica, formatted it without issues. Back into the Fuji, which now showed no card error.

Another thing that I run into constantly is that the Fuji cannot display the images after I added meta data to them with Photo Mechanic (again, directly onto the card, yes, I know…), whereas the Leica does not have any issues whatsoever.

Maybe it’s because of the file format – Fuji’s proprietary RAW vs. Leica using DNG?

Anyway, I just found that interesting.