Da Nang Market

We visited Chợ Bắc Mỹ An1, a local market in Da Nang, during our short stay in Vietnam in March 2016.

People at the market, vendors and customers, were very friendly – and most of them probably found it pretty odd to being photographed by me.

Unfortunately, after 40 minutes my battery died – and I didn’t bring a spare2. Otherwise I could have stayed there for hours. So many great subjects and interactions to capture.


A Vendor is smoking and sorting through her goods
A vendor is handing a live chicken to a customer
Live chickens are seen in a cage in the foreground, vendors and customers in the background
A dead animal head on a plate with the vendor sitting behind it
Customers examine the goods of a vendor
A vendor is cutting a fruit amidst a varity of good
A vendor is cutting fruit, while her daughter is playing with her phone beside her
A vendor is handing over plasik bags full of vegetables to a customer
A vendor is gutting fish for a waiting customer
A vendor is loudly promoting her fish
A vendor is cutting meat for wainting customers
A vendor is selecting

All images were taken with the Fujifilm X100S.

  1. Google translates the name to „North American Market“, which I guess is just a name, because there was nothing particular „North American“ about it…↩︎
  2. I always carry multiple spare batteries. Just somehow forgot to pack them that day.↩︎