Books I Created in 2020

From a photographic perspective 2020 was kind of bleak1. All the events I usually love to document were canceled. But less shooting also meant that I was able to do something with my photographs. I was able to complete six printing projects over the course of the year. Here they are:

The books I created in 2020
  • Elvan Matilda Lumi 3: Third year in the live of my daughter Lumi, 238 pages, March 2020. (My plan is to create one every year, for both of my daughters as long as they will allow it. 😊)
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Wrestling Zine, 84 pages, March 2020
  • Pandemonium – A Photographic Isolation Diary: Documents our time during the first lockdown, 240 pages, June 2020
  • Sub Partu: Small Portfolio book of my birth photography, which I can show interested, soon-to-be parents , 64 pages, September 2020
  • Turkey 2020: Documents our visit to our family in Turkey, 240 pages, November 2020
  • Iceland: Monochrome images from my trip to Iceland in June 2014, 148 pages, November 2020

I love printing my work, especially putting it in a book. The experience of leafing through a book or magazine of your own work, is exponentially better than to only look at your images on a screen. If you do photography in a somewhat serious manner, please do yourself a favor and print your work.

  1. The year was bleak in myriads of other ways too, but that is not what this post is about.↩︎