beyond tellerrand

I visited beyond tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf for the first time this week. Marc Thiele and his team put up a really great event, with some truely inspiring talks!

Most of them are already online. (Click on the different talks.)

My favorite three, in no particular order:

Obviously I took some pictures. Enjoy some of my favorites below!

1. The eighth installment of beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf took place in the beautiful Capitol Theater.
2. A huge pile of swag bags waiting for attendees.
3. Tobi Lessnow aka Baldower sampled short sound bites of the speakers during their talks and turned them into songs, performing them live during session breaks. So much creativity!
4. The weather was also really nice.
5. Vic Lee gave an inspiring talk about how he got started as an illustrator. Really inspirational.
6. dina Amin shared her very personal tinker story. Again: So much creativity!
7. Marc Thiele backstage keeping things running smoothly throughout the event.
8. Wesley Grubbs waiting for his talk “The Importance of Failing Successfully” to start.
9. Miriam Suzanne during her – very entertaining – talk about grid systems and why you shouldn’t use them.
10. Karls Groves getting miked up backstage before his talk about bleeding edge accessibility.
11. Claire L. Evans during her talk about the history of female internet pioneers.
12. Mike Monteiro during his glorious entry right before his talk “How to build an atomic bomb.”

You can find many more of my photos on Flickr.

Also, check out this album by Andreas Dantz.