11 – Day 1

My images from day one at BarCamp Ruhr 11.


The Unperfekthaus, location for the BarCamp Ruhr

BarCamp introduction by Maik Wagner and Berthold Barth

Attendees photographed from above

Berthold Barth explains how a barcamp works

Sponsors introduce themselves

Empty room waiting for a session

Attendees relaxing on a staircase

Berthold Barth starts the selection process for the sessions

An attendee raises his hand to speak

Sessions are being digitized for easy access via the website

A speaker is talking about his session idea

Attendees raising the hands to signal interest

More hand raising

An attendee takes a picutre from behind a dividing wall

The session board is filling up

Attendees with their laptops relaxing in armchairs

Maik Wagner and Berthold Barth have some last words before the sessions start

Attendees taking a group photo

All sessions for day one of barcamp ruhr

Empty seats

Kerstin Hoffmann on stage with an attendee during her session on personal branding

Kersin Hoffman on stage with another attendee

A menstrual cup with attendees in the background

Berthold Barth on the roof terrace during his session about humane work

Attendees during the Berthold's session on the roof terrace

Update: Have a look at my images from day two.

All Images in this post by Florian Ziegler are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For the photography nerds: All photos taken with the Leica Q, editing and a little post processing in Adobe Lightroom.