Took a nice long walk today and somehow ended up documenting the aftermath of last night’s festivities.

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂

Used fireworks next to a trash can.
Fireworks remains on the street.
Used Fireworks on the street.
Trash next to the subway entrance.
Broken wine bottle and paper streamers next to a tree.
Loads of trash and dirt on the street.
Litter and trash next to and on top of a bench next to a subway entrance.
Half empty bottole of sparkling wine next to an colorful apple ad.
Lots of used fireworks in a pile on the street.
Golden confetti and used fireworks in a puddle on the street.
Used fireworks on a fence.
Empty bottle and fireworks packing in front of a store.
Fireworks remains in the foreground, moving taxi in the background.
Empty bottle of sparkling wine and trash and wet, brown leafes on the street.
Used fireworks rocket in the grass.