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2022 Retrospective

In 2022 I archived1 21,469 photos, 4,846 of which, I marked as favorites. (2021’s numbers for comparison: 22,097 archived, 4,809 favorites. That is pretty consistent, I’d say.)

35 % of images are tagged “home”, which means I took them at and around my home. (46 % in 2021). 45 % of all of my 2022 images have at least one of my daughters in them, which further indicates that documenting my family is by far the most important part of my photographic practice.

Last year I got a new camera, the Fujifilm X-E4, which I used for roughly 34 % of my images. The Leica M is still number one at 49 %, the Q accounts for 13 % of photographs taken in 2022. (The remaining 4 % are various cameras I only used for testing, etc.)

I took the most images in May, 2,948 to be exact.

(See 2021)

Books I created in 2022

The four books I created in 2022
Books I created in 2021
  • Elvan Matilda Lumi 5: Fifth year in the life of my daughter Lumi, 232 pages, March 2022
  • beyond moments Berlin 2022: Event documentation of beyond tellerrand in Berlin, 68 pages, September 2022
  • Türkei 2022: Documents our visit to our family in Turkey, 188 pages, November 2022
  • Zila Erna Suvi 3: Third year in the life of my daughter Suvi, 238 pages, December 2022

(See books I created in 2021 and 2020)

  1. I shoot way more. These are just the ones I am keeping.↩︎