2021 Retrospektive

I shared these numbers1 in my newsletter the other day:

In 2021 I archived 22,097 photos, 4,809 of which, I marked as favorites. (2020’s numbers for comparison: 14,410 archived, 4,044 favorites)

46 % of images are tagged “home”, which means I took them at and around my home.

I took 57 % of images with my Leica M, 23 % with my Leica Q. The remaining 20 % I took using various Fujifilm cameras, some of which I borrowed to try them out.

I took the most images in October, 2.729 to be exact.

Books I created in 2021

Books I created in 2021

(See books I created in 2020.)

  1. I added another 30 images today, so this post has the final count.↩︎