2013 review / 2014 preview

This year has almost come to an end. Businesswise I am pretty happy how things developed in 2013: Fewer projects, but projects with higher value (and budgets) and in a variety of industries, made for a pretty interesting mix.

Traveling was also very good:

The motto for 2014 is somewhat bipolar. Part one, I would like to call “consolidation”: I want to grow my business and change it somewhat, to have a more stable and predictable income – which is not always easy, if you are self-employed. But I have some ideas and new contacts and I am pretty confident that something cool will come out of these co-operations in 2014.

I still have not decided, what I want to call the second part. “Nomadic life” could be an appropriate term for what I have in mind, as I am planing to leave Germany some time in April to live in different places – where exactly is yet to be determined. I will keep working the whole time, which means that “traveling” is probably the wrong denotation. It will be a lot slower, compared to how I usually visit new places. Some blogs, I recently found, use the term “digital nomad” to describe people, that earn their living with “web work” while traveling. So there – 2014 will be quite interesting!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!