June 2024

I (very quickly) created a new blog today, to share our ongoing development of picu, our photo proofing plugin for WordPress: https://log.picu.dev/

Trying to keep the #WCEU momentum going, but I’ll have to get used to sharing stuff, while building it. This does not come natural to me. Still, today was a good start, I think! Hope some of you find this useful.

Looking forward to learning and connecting at #WCEU today.

May 2024

Marc has written a very nice blog post about my photographic documentation of his beyond tellerrand events. And the title of his post encapsulates perfectly what I am trying to achieve: β€žCapturing the Momentβ€œ. Thanks Marc, very happy to be part of the family!

Hello WordCamp Europe 2024

Le Bureau

Always fascinated anew, that this actually works: Original (1st gen with mechanical scroll wheel!) iPod β†’ FireWire 400 cable β†’ FireWire 400 to 800 adapter β†’ FireWire 800 to Thunderbolt adapter β†’ Thunderbolt to USB-C adapter β†’ MacBook Pro.

An original iPod with a mechanical scroll wheel is connected through a chain of cables and adapters to a MacBook

Finally managed to get travel and accommodation arrangements sorted for WordCamp Europe next month. πŸ™Œ Won’t have much time to explore Torino, but looking forward to meeting old friends – and hopefully make some new ones. 😊

πŸ“Έ πŸ₯³ πŸ“Έ Here’s the full gallery of my beyond tellerrand DΓΌsseldorf 2024 coverage. 120 images in their full monochromatic glory. 😎 Enjoy!

Screenshot showing the export status of 120 images from Lightroom Classic


Bastian Allgeier is killing it recently with the Kirby videos on YouTube. πŸ‘

With his latest example about importing data into Kirby, he inspired me to look into Mastodon’s public API – and now my photo blog shows favorites and replies. ✨ Here’s an example.