V 20

Whenever I work on this here website, I consider deleting a bunch of old posts. Then I remember how much I hate dead links. And although, imho, it is very likely that none of these old posts are linked anywhere or are in anybody’s bookmarks, the thought of returning a 404 is still uncomfortable.

On the other hand it is pretty informative for myself to go through those old posts, reminiscing. «Ah, the good old days!» But I digress.

With V 20 the minimalisation of this theme continues.

I didn’t plan to work on my website. I just started on Saturday afternoon with an idea, and finished, well… just now.

The idea was to have an “expanding about section”, that you can now see on the homepage. You are able to click on what ever interests you about me, and it will expand, give you some more information and show links for even further reading.

The inspiration for it probably came from Espen Brunborg, who’s talk I saw at beyond tellerand in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. He has this fun little dynamic element on his website, which I found to be very delightful. You can click through the history of his career by clicking the “Before that” link. (Keep clicking, it is funny!)

Anyway. Also – for the first time in a long time – I re-added some color to the site. At least on the homepage. (So much for minimalism!)

Final thought: I wish I had written a post like this everytime I updated my website/theme to a new version. And I would especially love to have a screenshot that shows what the site looked like before I made the update. Oh well, better start that tradition now.

V 19 – the e-bike is still awesome!

WordCamp Europe 2022

Sadly I won’t be attending WordCamp Europe in Porto this year. It just didn’t work out shedule-wise. It is especially sad, because I attended all installments of WordCamp Europe so far – first as attendee, then volunteer, then organizer.

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Setting up My New MacBook Pro

A list of all the apps I installed while setting up my new MacBook Pro.

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How I Use Twitter

I use Twitter daily to find interesting links (articles/blog posts to read, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to, etc.) and also to keep up with friends. I open it once in the morning and once in the afternoon, that’s it. I read all the tweets, clearing my timeline.

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Create a Custom Settings Page in WordPress

I have created a lot of custom settings pages in WordPress over the years. Still, this morning, I struggled, because my options just wouldn’t save. So I decided to write down all the parts as a very basic reference for my future self.

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