Hi, my name is Florian. I am a dad, husband, photographer and traveler.

I am also a web designer/developer and co-founder of Haptiq, a web design agency, which I run together with my friend Claudio. We also created picu.

I currently live in Essen, Germany.

I mostly post my photographs and personal stuff, inform family and friends about my whereabouts, and generally things, I find interesting.

That’s me with my daughter Lumi

Florian and his baby daugther Lumi
(Photo taken by my lovely wife Ulya.)

Contact me via email hello@florianziegler.com or find me on Twitter.

Photography Gear

Until recently, my favorite camera was the X100S X100F, because it is so lightweight and inconspicuous. I since have gotten my hands on some Leica gear which I am using every day to document my family life and other projects.

You can find my images under the photography tag on this site, on my daily (not really) photo blog or on Flickr.


This site is driven by WordPress.

It runs a custom theme I built – but I haven’t gotten around to making it publicly available yet.

Shameless plug at the end: If you are a professional photographer you should check out picu, a client proofing solution for WordPress.